New York, NY

It has been roughly five days since the super storm Sandy (aka a hurricane) struck the New York/New Jersey shores.  During this past week I have not been back to to post anything about the storm because I have been occupied with my duties at  And, also, to be honest,  with so much destruction and grief still be experienced in the wake of this event, I’ve had nothing to say.  To publish travel stories during such a crisis seemed too trivial, too irreverent when shelters were filled to over flowing and with people still reeling in the loss of everything.

As I walked across the Manhattan Bridge during the 7-mile journey to work on Thursday morning, Lower Manhattan seemed to take on a new spirit.  As I took this photo, I felt that the spirit that New Yorkers have in the face of adversity seemed to begin to shine again. Yes, it might be trite, but it is true.  Walking across the bridge that morning, I heard no one complaining.  People seemed to embrace the chance to walk thru the streets and see with new eyes the fragility of the City.  The storm was a reminder that we should not think that our precious city is not immune…and it makes us appreciate it even more.