Eating The World, One Culture at a Time

The Food Traveler's HandbookThere is no greater single tangible thing that defines a culture that the foods it eats.  Yet the very thing that makes a culture as unique also unites the world as a whole.  Food is the great equalizer of us all.  No matter what culture you come from, we all need to eat.

That was my take away from “The Food Traveler’s Handbook,” a new book by Jodi Ettenberg.  I loved this book, because Ms. Ettenberg verbalizes the excitement that all avid travelers get when they experience a new culture by savoring its unique dishes.

But this book doesn’t just philosophize about food abstractly.  She gets down to the nitty-gritty, giving practical advice about how to find the food that best defines the countries she has visited and how to try it without getting ill in the process.  As a photographer, I can appreciate that it is filled with beautiful ‘food porn’ pictures (pardon my indelicacy) that were taken by Ms. Ettenberg herself.

I am a traveler who loves to eat.  “The Food Traveler’s Handbook” will travel with me from now on.  I like to travel light so thank god it comes in a Kindle edition.

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