The Carousel in Central Park

The melodious strains of the Carousel in Central Park heralds the spring in New York City. There has been a carousel in this location for 142 years. Not the same carousel, mind you, and not always powered by electricity. The first was herd of painted horses was powered, ironically, by a real horse beneath the Carousel platform. This was was destroyed by fire in 1924 (the horse escaped unscathed) and was replaced by another, which, 25 years later was also destroyed by fire. In 1951, after some extensive fire-prevention research, the current carousel took it’s rightful place and still stands today.

The Carousel is open seven days a week, from April to October, 10am to 6pm, weather permitting. It is hard to describe where it is located, but easy to find once you are in the park.  Make sense?

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