Der Kommissar: Würstelstand, Brooklyn Style

Three delicious sausages courtesy of Der Kommissar: Kasekriner, classic viennese filled with molten cheese, leberkase, an austrian meatloaf made of pork, beef and veal, and the spicy debreziner with chilli and garlic.

The Würstelstand is more than a sausage stand-they are an institution all over Austria and Germany that not only serve an amazing array of meats in tube form, but also serve as social centers.  You can grab a quick debreziner (frankfurter laced with chilli and garlic) on the run or enjoy a käsekrainer (cheese filled sausage) and a beer while hanging out for hours.DSC_0001

Der Kommissar recreates this social atmosphere in the heart of Brooklyn. Their three-sausage sampler platter comes with two sides, in this case potato salad and their own secret formula sauerkraut. Served on butcher paper and a tray, bbq style, a nod to co-owner Gary Baldwin’s Texas roots.

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