About Jeff

When it came down to writing my “about Jeff” page, I found it difficult to do.  I usually have no problem writing about places and people, but when it comes to things about me, it was as if I forgot how to type. The words did not come easily.  Thank god all experts said you should do this sort of thing in three-hundred words or less. Part of the problem is a fear of focusing too much on one subject and the fear that the focus will narrow your view of me, ridiculous, right?  We are, all of us, multi-faceted creatures with good, bad, and sad in our being and each with a story to tell.  So I will tell mine to you here, as briefly as possible so as to keep your attention.

I work as a Multimedia Producer for The Wall Street Journal. “Multimedia Producer” is a term coined by our department (I think) to define someone who does all things production: Shooting, writing, editing, publishing…and a million other things that are needed in a small, but ambitious department.  I am fortunate that by virtue of my position, along with the generosity of my producers and an incredible amount of luck, I am able to travel and see things I only dreamed about as a child.

I never wanted to travel as a tourist.  There is a famous quote about travel that is so famous I probably didn’t need to say it was famous.

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

G.K. Chesterson

I am after engagement travel.  Eat something, even if you don’t know exactly what it is.  Talk to someone, even if you don’t know the language.  Believe me, it’s possible, and it could change your life forever.

There, I did it…and in three-hundred words…not including this last line.

3 thoughts on “About Jeff”

  1. Love the look of your blog Jeff, and thanks for following! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts and completely agree with your tagline. I fully intend to try and ‘travel everywhere’ as much as I possibly can!

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