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“I should never have switched from Scotch to martinis”

For a premium Scotch, you can't beat a Dalmore 18 from Alness, Scotland.
For a premium Scotch, you can’t beat a Dalmore 18 from Alness, Scotland.

Some people compare my reports to Scotch-that it’s an acquired taste- Well, anyway, hope you will watch this one on selecting the right Scotch! (Bonus points if you can tell me who said that quote)

Thank You, Shiner, TX.

shinerbockAfter years of hope and desperation, my favorite beer has finally made it to NYC. Shiner Amber Bock, from the Spoetzl Brewery in the town of Shiner Texas, has been around since 1909 and is the oldest brewery in the Lone Star State. I think of Shiner as an ‘everyday’ beer, much like you would have a go-to wine. Extraordinarily crisp and refreshing, I have never found another beer like it. It’s now available all across the NY area.  Try one today!

Der Kommissar: Würstelstand, Brooklyn Style

Three delicious sausages courtesy of Der Kommissar: Kasekriner, classic viennese filled with molten cheese, leberkase, an austrian meatloaf made of pork, beef and veal, and the spicy debreziner with chilli and garlic.

The Würstelstand is more than a sausage stand-they are an institution all over Austria and Germany that not only serve an amazing array of meats in tube form, but also serve as social centers.  You can grab a quick debreziner (frankfurter laced with chilli and garlic) on the run or enjoy a käsekrainer (cheese filled sausage) and a beer while hanging out for hours.DSC_0001

Der Kommissar recreates this social atmosphere in the heart of Brooklyn. Their three-sausage sampler platter comes with two sides, in this case potato salad and their own secret formula sauerkraut. Served on butcher paper and a tray, bbq style, a nod to co-owner Gary Baldwin’s Texas roots.